Swiss considers temporary closure of all borders amidst immigrant floods

Swiss considers temporary closure of all borders amidst immigrant floods

Da l Amidst uncontrolled stream of mostly illegal immigrants to Switzerland from Italy, Swiss politicians are discussing temporary closure of all Swiss borders. Switzerland would be second country after Austria, which effectively denied entrance to asylum seeking refugees a week ago.

French police already control their closed borders with batons and Austria stopped processing of asylum requests. Only Switzerland is, until now, still open to flows of immigrants. No wonder, that it serves as backup route for asylum tourists to reach their destination countries, often France, the UK, Germany, or Scandinavian countries.

But that will change soon, as Swiss politicians are openly discussing temporary closure of Switzerland’s borders. This would effectively stop the current, uncontrolled flow of immigrants.

“The number of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, which enter Switzerland from Italy, is currently twice as high as compared to last year”, canton Ticino’s (southern Switzerland) military director Norman Gobbi explains.

And the Secretary of State for Migration expects the numbers of asylum tourists to further increase.

Gobbis colleague, Lorenzo Quadri, also supports the demand for temporary closure of Swiss borders. He reports of high tensions at the southern Swiss borders due to the heavy immigrant flows.

Up to 70 persons are stopped daily on grounds of illegal trespassing through Switzerland and illegal stay. About 85 % of them then demand asylum.

Most asylum seekers come from Somalia, Gambia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Senegal, and Kosovo, which only to a certain extent, if at all, suffer from wars.

According to Swiss border control statistics, nearly none of the refugees are from Syria. This is in contrast to the mainstream media purported picture of traumatized, Syrian war refugees being the largest part of mediterranean refugees.

Asylum request rates from Gambian’s and Nigerian’s, on the other hand, are relatively high and are declined on a regular basis. Because for these countries, other than economical reasons, there is no necessity to flee from them.

Despite being taunted by high ranking EU politicians, Hungarians president Viktor Orban foresaw and publicly warned about these events. Quadri demanded to re-erect fences at Swiss borders, even it were only symbolic fences by means of increased border patrols. This is exactly, what Orban did for Hungary in order to control the masses of mostly illegal immigrants to the EU.

Politician Hans Fehr of the SVP-Nationalrat stated that, “we need systematic border controls”. He implies, that the army should support border control police.

Amidst the discussions of closed borders, it is evident that core European agreements like the Schengen agreement and the Dublin III regulation lose its meaning. The Schengen open border agreement, intended as a way to harmonize and ease inner European travels, was never meant to be freeway ticket for asylum tourists. The utter breaking of the Dublin III regulation by Italy and Greece, which should stop immigrant waves at the outer European borders, laid ground for erosion of the Schengen agreement.

But neither Italy nor Greece are to blame. It is the high ranking EU politicians failure to professionally cope with that situation, which brought Italy and Greece to its knees. Being in a severe financial crisis, both countries are more concerned with sustaining their own people and ensuring sufficient food supplies to its impoverished masses with youth unemployment rates of up to 64 % in May 2013.

The question remains, whether the European dreams is shattered by simple incompetence of European and left-wing politicians to properly address the situation.

Or whether the current situation was planned in order to create a factual situation, where Europeans do not dare to question their ever increasing replacement by uneducated, integration unwilling soldiers of fortune from Eritrea, Somalia, Morocco, and Gambia.

In this last case, one might get the impression that the sheer amount of immigrant force surprised our political leaders and the replacement is far too quick now.

All over Europe people wake up and sovereign nations close their borders and re-install a sense of national awareness. So it might be as well, that the European people’s nightmare – the European Union with its undemocratic leaders – might be on the brink of collapse.

What could remain, are strong European nations, without the undemocratic leadership of self elected, democracy defying autocrats like Juncker and the European commission.

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